NVT NV-RMEC16 EoC Rack Mount Tray Kit

Product Profile

The NVT NV-RMEC16 rack mount panel is ideal for security monitoring stations or video distribution hubs. It is a compact rugged panel at 1/8in (3,5mm) with a baked epoxy finish. It supports up to ten individual transceivers or two four-channel devices (not included). 

The NV-RM 8/10 Rack Panel allows for the rack mounting of up to ten single-port transceivers, such as the NV-213A, NV-652R, or NV-653T. Alternately, it can support up to two four-port devices, such as the NV-413A, NV-452R, NV-704J-PVD, or four of the NV-EC1701.

The NV-RM 8/10 can reside on front or rear rails in the same rack as NVT hubs, multiplexers, DVRs, or encoders.

This heavy gauge panel is designed to withstand the mechanical load of multiple coax cables. Threaded holes and screws (included) provide easy transceiver mounting, and installation into a 19” rack.

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Technical Specification

Make NVT Phybridge
Manufacturer NVT Phybridge
Model code NV-RMEC16
Type of Mount Camera Mounts
Additional info NV-RMEC16 is a Rack Mount Tray that allows for the rack mounting of up to four single NV-EC1701EoC transceivers and their related power supplies. The NV-RMEC16 can support up to (16) IP or Megapixel cameras.
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