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Merit LILIN Highlights Middle East Focus And Innovative Upcoming Products In The Year Of The Monkey

According to Merit LILIN, the UAE will be a thriving new and potential market in 2016since Europe’s economy is still sluggish The global Chinese community recently welcomed the year of the Fire Monkey with a two-week celebration, concluding with the lantern festival at the end of February. According to Chinese astrology, we are now in the year of the Fire Monkey. What’s in store for businesses around the world?  Global economic growth is predicted for the ye...

ONVIF On Profile Q And A 2016 Developments And Promoting Interoperability In The Security Industry

In the past year, ONVIF prepared the release of two new profiles, Profiles Q and A, which are currently in Release Candidate status, being fine-tuned by developers from member organizations. They are ONVIF’s fourth and fifth profiles, with Profile Q addressing easy set-up and advanced security features and Profile A encompassing daily tasks for access control. ONVIF also hit major milestones in 2015, reaching the 5,000-conformant product mark and maintaining a membership of more than 500 m...

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