Surveillance & Security News for February 2005

Sharp Healthcare: Enabling Strong Authentication With Biometrics

Sharp Healthcare is San Diego's most comprehensive health care delivery system, comprising more than 1,800 licensed beds and 2,500 physicians.  Its wide network of hospitals, medical groups, nursing facilities, and community health centers, offer a full range of integrated care to approximately 3 million area residents.The ChallengeTo provide faster and easier access to resources through biometrics, single sign-on, and context management, while helping ensure greater patient security and pr...

Successful Performance Under Special Forces Attack Trials Have Made The PowerFence™ System A Proven Perimeter Solution In The Defence Industry.

PowerFence™ from Gallagher Security Management Systems meets the highly specialized needs of the Defence industry.  The fence is reliable, has a strong deterrent and is extremely cost effective.During times of international turmoil the PowerFence™ system was used to increase security at military sites.MilitaryDepartments of Defence play a vital role in defending nations and in securing international peace.  They allow countries to maintain their independence, sovereignty, i...

Rainbow At The Zoo

DSP colour cameras from Rainbow CCTV have been installed at the Milwaukee County Zoo, Wisconsin, in an area featuring warthogs and zebra. The CCTV installation is concentrated on the warthogs’ winter exhibit section which is underground and would not normally be visible to visitors. The cameras perform a valuable role in allowing curators to observe the animals from all over the complex in the run-up to their birthing cycle. The County Zoo has also used cameras to monitor storks from a dis...

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