Cooper Showcased Their SD3 Digital Speech Dialler At FIREX 2007

Product Profile

The SD3, showcased at FIREX 2007, is the latest development in Menvier's world-beating speech dialler range.  In addition to the standard PSTN connection, the SD3 also has an integral, full-function GSM module enabling it to use any of the standard mobile phone networks.  The SD3 accepts all standard SIM cards (not supplied).

The unit is user programmable allowing the user to digitally record a standard ‘home' message and up to eight individual trigger messages, enter up to ten contact phone numbers and select the type of message for each input.  A user can select to send messages (either spoken or SMS text) via either connection or via both, if both, they can further pre-select which will dial first. 

Four programmable outputs are provided allowing designated users to dial into an SD3 at anytime and remotely switch up to four connected devices.  These can also be controlled when a message has been received and the line is still open.  The integral microphone allows any person called to listen-in to the premises and even talk back, if required.

SD3 has an additional unique feature that opens up a whole new area of use for speech diallers.  When an input is triggered, an automatic digital sound recorder can be programmed to record and store either the next 15 or 30 seconds of sound received from the integral microphone.  This can be replayed either at the unit itself or, remotely, from anywhere in the world, via a fixed or mobile telephone.

An integral, digital sensor can be preset at any given temperature from 0°C - 50°C and will automatically transmit a message when that temperature has been reached or exceeded.  Ideal for ensuring that buildings or rooms never get to too cold if the heating system fails.

The wide operating voltage range, 10.5VDC -28VDC, enables an SD3 to be used for monitoring virtually any kind of system, intruder, fire, access or Building Management System (BMS).  Reducing the need for an installer to have to stock separate 12 and 24VDC versions.

Cooper showcased the SD3 along with a wide range of their other products at FIREX 2007.

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Technical Specification

Make Menvier Security
Manufacturer Eaton
Model code SD3 GSM
Digital Communicators Yes
Voice Diallers Yes
Transmission Media PSTN
No of Channels 10
Standalone Yes
Digital Yes
Electrical Specifications Power Supply: 10.5 ~ 28 V DC
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 140 x 115 x 30
Environmental Specifications Operating Temp oC: -10 ~ +50
Additional info

An SD3 can communicate via a PSTN line, a GSM network or via both together.  In this instance, the user can select which connection should dial out first.  The unit is fully self-programmable letting you enter up to ten contact telephone numbers, select the type of message (voice or SMS text) which should go to each and allowing you to store spoken or text messages created to suit your specific requirements.

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