Compare VDN-295-10 with VDC-445V09-10S  (2)

Chip Inch Size
Colour Type
Colour / Monochrome
Colour / Monochrome
Resolution TVL
Dome Type
Variable Focus
Mount Type
Surface mount
12 V DC / 24 V AC
12 V DC / 24 V AC
Focal length
2.8 ~ 10.5
9 ~ 22
Back Light Compensation
Auto Gain Control
White Balance
S/ N (Signal/ Noise) Ratio dB
> 50
Internal, Line-lock
Signal Mode
Sensitivity lux
Rotation Angleso
360 pan, 90 tilt

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Latest Dome camera case studies

Bosch’s Video Security Systems Provide Surveillance Throughout Middlesex County Superior Court
Bosch’s Video Security Systems Provide Surveillance Throughout Middlesex County Superior Court

165 FlexiDome XT+ cameras provide surveillance throughout the interior and exterior of the seven-floor building End User: Middlesex County Superior Court Approximately 180 court personnel occupy the newly-built, 140,000 square-foot, seven story Middlesex County Superior Court. The facility provides 15 courtrooms, 15 jury deliberation rooms, and 22 holding cells with separate areas for men and women. The courthouse also includes office space for staff of the Middlesex District Attorney's Office and the Committee for Public Counsel Services, as well as space designated for victims, witnesses and bar advocates. Business Objective: When the Middlesex County Superior Court moved locations from Cambridge, Massachusetts, to a newly-constructed building in Woburn, Massachusetts, the court required a modern security system for the new site. A reliable and long-lasting video surveillance system was needed to help security staff monitor various locations within the court, including public areas, courtrooms, holding cells, interview rooms, as well as areas designated for court personnel and judges. Solution: The Administrative Office of the Trial Court for the Massachusetts Court System chose a Bosch solution for the reliability of the equipment and for the products' three-year warranty. Now, more than 165 FlexiDome XT+ cameras provide surveillance throughout the interior and exterior of the seven-floor building. The cameras are vandal-resistant and IP66 rated for protection against water and dust ingress. The cameras stream video to an Allegiant Matrix/Control System. Court officers can view multiple cameras at once using Video Quad Processors. This system feature is helpful if court officers need to see video from all cameras positioned in a certain area on a single screen. If an alarm sounds, the video system automatically brings cameras associated with the area to the court officer's screen. Officers can playback video through the system's Multiplexers. Video records on motion at 7 - 15 frames per second. Video is recorded using 10 18-channel DiBos Digital Video Recorders. Recorded video is only accessible by the Assistant Director of Security - Systems Specialist and one additional person. This precautionary measure helps safeguard video that is important for legal matters. Result: "Recorded video provides strong evidence for documentation of altercations, fights, thefts, or physical damage within the courthouse property," said Daniel English, Assistant Director of Security - Systems Specialist for the Administrative Office of the Trial Court. "If a fight breaks out in a Lockup holding cell, the video systems also help Court Officers speed response times." The Bosch digital video recordings are used to improve the training of our Court Officers (Lockup and Courtroom areas) and Associate Court Officers (Screening Stations)," continued English. "The Bosch video systems help to keep the officers alert, and that helps to allow routine court proceedings."

Bosch Security Systems AutoDome Cameras Enhance Security For Netherlands Police Force
Bosch Security Systems AutoDome Cameras Enhance Security For Netherlands Police Force

The last day of April 2013 was a historical date in the Netherlands. Following his mother’s abdication, Prince Willem-Alexander’s swearing-in as the new king means the country once again has a male monarch for the first time in 123 years. As a result, the program for the festivities on this Queen’s Day in Amsterdam was particularly comprehensive. However, this also posed a large challenge for Amsterdam’s police force, who had to monitor the large crowds expected around the castle on the Dam, as well as alongside the route of the celebrations. Another task, of course, was to shield the royal couple and the visitors from any attack. These concerns were justified not only because of the scale of the event, but also because of tragic incidents that occurred on Queen’s Day in the past.     For these reasons, Amsterdam’s police looked for a partner who was able to support them in terms of video surveillance as well as monitoring the streams of visitors. They decided on the Dutch company, Connection Systems, which specializes in the video surveillance of large-scale events and freely moving crowds. Connection Systems was founded in 2000 and has been utilizing Bosch Security Systems solutions from the very beginning.    In order to reinforce the police’s own monitoring network, 75 additional Bosch AutoDome cameras were installed in Amsterdam. These were integrated within the existing security network, and positioned six metres above ground level. In addition, the cameras were connected to 35 UPS boxes that would have maintained operations in the event of a power blackout. The installation of the surveillance system took three weeks and was ready in time for all the rehearsals necessary prior to April 30. This was to ensure that all likely risks during the event were covered, and that the police would always be in full control of the situation.    Connection Systems decided to use Bosch cameras for two major reasons: their robust construction makes them easy to mount and dismount, and the permanent availability of Bosch’s technical support service. Frank Wagemans, Director at Connection Systems, pointed out after the ceremonies that not one event had failed in the company’s history when using this camera solution. Thus, everyone involved in the investiture on April 30 will remember the event as having been run perfectly.     For more information on Bosch AutoDome products, visit

Bosch FlexiDome IP And AutoDome Junior HD Cameras Offer Visual Feedback For Martial Art Center
Bosch FlexiDome IP And AutoDome Junior HD Cameras Offer Visual Feedback For Martial Art Center

 Bosch cameras capture live video of sparring, pattern exercises and provide direct, visual feedback to students Dojang Seeks Visual Feedback System for Students Master Seung’s Taekwondo teaches the martial art to a wide range of students – from children under the age of seven to older students who participate in competitions, even partaking in the Junior World games. The dojang sought a way to better analyze the skills of students and to provide visual feedback that would help them understand and improve their performance. Problem: Dojang Looks to Enhance Coaching Tools Dojang coaches understand the importance of visual feedback when instructing students in the art of Taekwondo Video cameras would require adjustable shutter speeds to clearly capture fast motion of students in action Software must enable easy viewing and annotation of student actions Solution: Bosch FlexiDome IP and AutoDome Junior HD Cameras with Dartfish TV and TeamPro Software Progressive scan technology keeps images sharp and prevents motion blur IP cameras offer automatic or selectable shutter speeds to accommodate a range of scene settings HD PTZ camera enables coaches to zoom in to any part of a scene to examine specific details without losing clarity  Video is easily exported to Dartfish TV and TeamPro software for annotation, analysis and effortless sharing with students Results: Effective Coaching Method Helps Improve Performance  IP and HD cameras with Dartfish TV and TeamPro software enable dojang coaches to capture live video of sparring or pattern exercises and provide direct, visual feedback to students  Video support of verbal direction helps to improve students’ skills  Solution enhances the student experience and helps to set the dojang apart from other local facilities