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Oncam Overview:

Oncam has deep industry knowledge and combined with specialized sector experience are uniquely positioned to work alongside customers to address their most critical challenges and to develop practical solutions that deliver real impact.

Oncam offer a number of security solutions with specialized expertise in critical infrastructure, city surveillance, retail, transport, commercial and governmental projects.

Oncam are global leaders in fully integrated 360-degree imaging technology and by integrated the latest in command-and-control, facial recognition, biometrics, access-control and other state-of-the-art technologies with award-winning and leading 360-degree imaging capabilities Oncam can provide the most comprehensive total security solutions available in today’s market.

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  • Transportation
  • Retail Security
  • Municipal Parks
  • City Surveillance
  • Maritime Security
  • Leisure & Gaming Security
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Commercial & Corporate Security

Oncam news

Ocularis VMS By OnSSI Seamlessly Integrates With Oncam’s Evolution 12 And Evolution 180 Panoramic Cameras

OnSSI and Oncam have partnered to seamlessly integrate the companies’ industry-leading VMS and panoramic camera solutions. The integration of Oncam’s Evolution 12 Series and Evolution 180 outdoor and indoor panoramic cameras with OnSSI’s recently released Ocularis 5.6 VMS provides a highly efficient means to further improve situational awareness and reduce overall costs. OnSSI-Oncam Integration “This latest integration leverages the extensive camera management and control capabilities of Ocularis with the performance and wide area surveillance capabilities of Oncam’s industry-leading panoramic imaging solutions,” said Ken LaMarca, VP of Sales & Marketing, OnSSI. “OnSSI recognized the myriad advantages of panoramic technology early on and continues to support the implementation of these wide area imaging solutions for enhanced general surveillance applications.” Oncam’s Evolution 12 (12MP) and Evolution 180 (6MP) series fisheye cameras integrate with OnSSI’s Ocularis VMS to provide high resolution 360° and 180° views Oncam’s Evolution 12 (12MP) and Evolution 180 (6MP) series fisheye cameras integrate with OnSSI’s Ocularis VMS to provide high resolution 360° and 180° views respectively. Dewarping is performed on live and recorded images using a new plug-in for Ocularis, with the ability to view a variety of pre-configured camera views with electronic PTZ control. Ocularis 5.6 VMS OnSSI’s newly released Ocularis 5.6 VMS enhances overall performance and operator functionality, delivers cybersecurity enhancement through heightened system security with fortified dual authentication measures, and provides enhanced mobile and web access capabilities. These latest improvements combine to further empower users with a best-in-class VMS solution and experience powered by OnSSI Ocularis’ high performance engine. “Partnering with OnSSI makes it easy to implement Oncam’s Evolution 12 Series and Evolution 180 outdoor and indoor panoramic cameras on their powerful Ocularis VMS platform, providing users with an extremely efficient and cost-effective imaging solution,” said John Haspel, Director of Technology Programs, Oncam. “In addition to increasing overall situational awareness, users can significantly reduce their Total Cost of Operation (TCO) by deploying fewer cameras and eliminating all of the related equipment, installation and maintenance expenses related to them.”

Oncam Expands Americas Sales Team With Appointment Of Kyle Kayler

Oncam, a provider of 360-degree video capture and business intelligence technology, has appointed Kyle Kayler as its new West Coast Sales Director. Kayler will play an instrumental role in helping drive business opportunities for Oncam within the western United States. Previous Roles And Experience In his new position with Oncam, Kayler will spearhead the development of innovative sales solutions that result in new revenue streams. He will also focus efforts on maximizing partner relationships and ensuring long-term customer success with Oncam solutions. Kayler is a highly experienced sales and leadership executive with background in developing strategic business deals and partnerships with industry leaders. Kayler most recently served as regional manager for Pivot3, where he drove opportunities for the company's hyperconverged infrastructure solutions for video surveillance. Prior to Pivot3, he held the role of Regional Manager for the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada for Arecont Vision, where he oversaw all territory and sales management, provided project development support and managed multiple sales representatives within the territory. He has also held senior-level sales positions with IQinVision, Aronson Security Group and Allied Security. Americas Sales And Support Team “Oncam is a true innovator in today's crowded technology marketplace and it is renowned for providing innovative solutions, excellent product support and superior customer service,” said Kayler. “I am confident that my industry and sales expertise will help Oncam surpass its sales targets within this growing market.” “Kyle is a fantastic addition to our team and a great fit for our culture,” said David Wedel, Vice President of Sales, Americas, Oncam. “We have spent the last year cultivating the development of a strong sales and support team in the Americas and we are very excited about the opportunities for growth in the coming year.”

10 Security Market Players Share Their Top Professional Advice

Technology, products and services are vital to the security market, but so are the people behind them. This year, SourceSecurity.com has been highlighting some of the key characters who make up the security market. Along the way, we’ve discovered a broad spectrum of experiences and viewpoints that make up the industry. Many of the most insightful responses were to the question: What is the best professional advice you have received (and from whom)? Don’t underestimate yourself, says Don Erickson, CEO of the Security Industry Association Scott Brothers, Executive Vice President of Corporate Development, Oncam Listen, listen and listen some more. Which continues to take real training because of my passion over spilling into a “need to be heard” when really, I should be listening. It’s a trait I continually work on and seek feedback on. Listening for me equals learning and the best ideas sometimes come from the unexpected voice in the room. The open environment we cultivate at Oncam really promotes this kind of interaction at all levels. Don Erickson, CEO of the Security Industry Association Don’t underestimate yourself. John Stroia who is a former chairman of SIA and presently the president of Hamilton was literally the first person who encouraged me to apply for the CEO role at SIA. I was perfectly content handling government relations at the time the position opened. I also hadn’t aspired to the role. John actively encouraged me to go for it despite my reservations about whether I was ready for it.  Liam McShane, Sales Director at Perfect Display Technology Take whatever chances come along. It’s much better to regret something you did than something you didn’t do! (From a mentor at my first financial services company) Return all calls as soon as possible and no later than the end of each day, advises Scott Schafer Eddie Reynolds, President & CEO of Iluminar Many of my childhood friends' parents would always say to me, “If no one wants to give you an opportunity, create your own.” Scott Schafer, Chairman-elect of the Security Industry Association My father was in the major appliance industry and showed by example the importance of outworking your competitor.  He also made sure to return all calls as soon as possible and no later than the end of each day. Kim Loy, Director of Marketing at Vanderbilt Industries The best advice I have received is that we are only in competition with ourselves. If we strive to always improve our knowledge and performance, success will follow. That there are no boundaries, we are all capable of doing anything we strive to do as long as we don’t set limits for ourselves. This advice is something that I heard from a very young age and grew up completely believing – it came from my dad, Chuck Robinson. Thomas J. Langer, President of ASIS International From my father and totally by accident. He was 60 and learning computer aided design which was making his drafting table obsolete. I asked him why, at 60, do that now? His response was that he doesn’t get to choose where advancements take his profession. I have never forgotten that and therefore never settled for the status quo. Change and advancement are a constant in everything. You have to have a work life balance and be resilient in order to manage the ups and downs of business and your career Thomas Cook, Vice President of Sales at Hanwha Techwin America My first manager, Marty Meyer, told me when to keep emotion out of everything you do at work; especially when you are negotiating and presenting your side or case. Fredrik Nilsson, Vice President of the Americas at Axis Communications My manager, Bodil Sonesson, VP of Global Sales at Axis has given me great advice over the years. She says that your career “is a marathon not a sprint,” meaning, in order to be successful long-term you have to have a work life balance and be resilient in order to manage the ups and downs of business and your career. Kenneth Hune Petersen, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Milestone Systems Flemming Tamstorf, CEO of my former company, showed me by example that you should never tell anyone “See, I told you so.” He never did it himself. If you play to the limit, there is a risk that you will fail. If you’re taking a risk, things can go wrong. And he never said “I told you so.”