Perimeter Security From Allied Tube & Conduit That Deters, Delays And Detects

Product Profile

From industrial to ultra-maximum security perimetres, Allied Tube & Conduit has the right combination of barbed tape products.  Razor Ribbon® barbed tape products are the standard for manufacturing excellence, product durability, and design innovation.

Wherever the line is being drawn, Razor Ribbon products are part of it.  Razor Ribbon products include:

  • Detainer Hook® Barb with a unique barb design is the premier physical perimetre barrier available in the world. 
  • Instabarrier® non-reinforced is the most versatile of all barbed tape products.  Designed for both temporary and permanent use, it permits rapid recovery and reuse.
  • Maze® barbed tape obstacle is the original long-barb, wire-reinforced concertina used in minimum to medium security applications.
  • Supermaze and NATO Barrier® are designed for high-density maximum security applications.  NATO Barrier® derives its name from its successful installation around extremely sensitive NATO facilities in Northern Europe.
  • Razor Ribbon®, registered trademark of Allied Tube & Conduit, is the name that made barbed tape famous throughout the world.  Razor Ribbon Helical is recommended for private and industrial use.  With the same long barb features as Maze, Super Maze and NATO Barrier, the loops are not clipped together in a concertina fashion meaning the it can be installed with a variety of loop spacing options depending on the level of security required. 

Razor Ribbon® products offer an ever present psychological barrier while ensuring deterrence by requiring the breaching of hazardous physical obstacles for penetration. 

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Technical Specification

Make Allied Tube & Conduit
Manufacturer Allied Tube & Conduit
Model code Helical
Series Razor Ribbon
Accessories Barbed Tape Obstacle
Additional info

RAZOR RIBBON HELICAL is the barbed tape most recommended for private and industrial use. It has the same long barb features asMAZE, SUPERMAZE, and NATO BARRIER, but the loops are not clipped together in a concertina fashion, allowing the barbed tape to be installed with a variety of loop spacing options, depending upon the level of security required.

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