Allied Tube And Conduit <EM>Razor Ribbon</EM>® Barbed Tape Products

Product Profile

Allied Tube and Conduit range of Razor Ribbon® barbed tape products, including:

  • Manufactured from 301 series spring quality stainless steel allowing it to envelope an intruder
  • Remains trouble free for permanent installations even in adverse weather conditions
  • Collapsible nature is especially effective in a pyramid or stacked configuration

  • Self contained, fully mobile canister into which a 50’ (15 M) INSTABARRIER coil is encased
  • The HATBOX is 32. 5” in diameter, 11.5” deep, weighs less than 65 pounds
  • Coils can be attached together to extend perimeters or confinement areas 
  • Concealed in an unobtrusive black shock resistant plastic container equipped with handles
  • Unique barb design underscores the intensity needed for high security operations 
  • Fishhook type detaining barb and increased barb angle enhances the snagging potential
  • This “double hook” barb can be added to any MAZE or SuperMaze product
  • Barb extends beyond the circumference of the coil

  • The industry standard in terms of both quality and design
  • All products are manufactured from 430 series stainless steel
  • Adjacent loops clipped together at 3, 5, 7 or 9 points around the circumference
  • Available in 18”, 24”, 30”, 36” and 60”
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Technical Specification

Make Allied Tube & Conduit
Manufacturer Allied Tube & Conduit
Model code Detainer Hook Barb
Accessories Barbed Tape Obstacle
Additional info The barbed tape is fabricated from AISI 430 stainless steel hardened to Rockwell (30N) 35-40. Each barb is minimum of 65 mm long, measured from tip to tip and angled away from centre line of the tape approximately 24 degrees and have a 2.54 mm nominal length retaining barb located 17mm from the barb tip. The 430 stainless steel is permanently cold-clenched over a high-tensile spring steel stainless wire having a tensile strength of 896MPpa and a minimum 230-degree wrap around the core wire.
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