FP4000 Fingerprint Codoor From Siemens

Product Profile

The FP4000 Fingerprint Codoor is a smart, stylish access control product that incorporates an electronic fingerprint reader, an electromechanical lock, a code lock and a battery power supply in a single housing.  It is designed to be mounted directly on any door in an indoor environment.

When the FP4000 is fitted, the door handle on the outside of the door is disengaged and may be pressed down without opening the door.  Access through that door is granted only when an authorized fingerprint is scanned by a reader and/or when a valid PIN code is entered.  For safety reasons, the handle on the inside of the door is not affected by Fingerprint Codoor - it works normally for people leaving the premises - no fingerprint or code is required.

Up to 32 different fingerprint templates and up to four 4-digit codes may be used with a single FP4000.  Repeated scanning of invalid fingerprints or entry of invalid codes blocks the reader from further attempts.

The FP4000 model is suitable for continental European lock cases, with a distance of 72 mm between the centre of the door handle and the centre of the lock cylinder.

Another model, the FP5000, is suitable for Scandinavian lock cases, with a distance of between 105 mm and 116 mm between the centre of the door handle and the centre of the lock cylinder.

For more information about Fingerprint Codoor and Siemens' other access control products, please visit www.siemens.com/access

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Technical Specification

Make Vanderbilt
Manufacturer Vanderbilt Industries
Model code FP4000 Fingerprint Codoor
Latch Type Deadlocking latch
Door Type Interior
Door Open Type Both
Material Steel
No of User Codes 9
Environmental Specifications Operating Temperature oC: 0 ~ +50
Electrical Specifications Voltage: 9 V DC
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 64 x 245 x 47
Additional info

Fingerprint Codoor is a complete reader unit suitable for fitting to a single door.  It incorporates an electronic fingerprint reader, a locking device and a power unit in the single housing.

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