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What Caused The Most Disruption In 2018 In The Physical Security Space?

In many regards, 2018 was a turbulent year for the physical security marketplace, driven by evolving technologies and changing customer needs, among other factors. Year-end is a great time to reflect, so we asked our Expert Panel Roundtable: What caused the most disruption in the physical security marketplace in 2018? 

Intellectual Honesty: The Growth Of Cobalt Robotics And Robots In Security

The best route to greater adoption of robotics in the field of physical security is intellectual honesty, says Travis Deyle, CEO and co-founder of Cobalt Robotics. “Robots are not a panacea, so we must be clear and honest about capabilities and use cases,” he says. “If you are dishonest, people will lose faith. We must have clear expectations about what’s feasible today and possible tomorrow.” The robotics tide is turning in the security market, which is notoriousl...

Judges Choice Award Winner Cobalt Robotics Unveils Leak And Spill Detection Technology At GSX 2018

Cobalt Robotics, a manufacturer of intelligent security robots used to autonomously patrol indoor facilities, will unveil its new leak and spill detection sensing capabilities as part of the Global Security Exchange, one of the largest tradeshows and conferences to showcase the latest security technologies. At last year’s event, previously called the ASIS Annual Seminar and Exhibits, Cobalt Robotics was the recipient of the 2017 Judges Choice Award, the highest honor available as part of...