NetBotz® IP-based Intelligent Physical Security

Product Profile

NetBotz® pioneered the convergence of physical security and IP by providing environmental and visual monitoring, alerting and proactive output and power control over IP.

The NetBotz Solution protects rooms and valuable IT equipment from damage due to water leaks, high or low temperatures, smoke or dust, humidity, vandalism, theft, and other dangerous physical factors by providing early warning of these conditions in conjunction with a visual audit log.

NetBotz appliances have integrated sensors which capture environmental information and surveillance-level IP cameras that capture motion events such as access or intrusion.

The appliances generate alerts via email, SMS, SNMP or an internally generated web page, giving early warning of potentially threatening conditions.

Using the WallBotz 500 platform, alerts can be generated to automatically trigger output to low voltage relay devices and recycling power, such as an over-temperature alert triggering output to switch on a backup air conditioning unit.

Software available for NetBotz appliances can monitor the “internal” status of SNMP enabled hardware such as servers, UPS, firewalls and routers with real time operational information sent directly to staff via email or from an internally generated web page.  For example, when a UPS in battery backup has 30 minutes remaining, an SMS can be sent to the appropriate IT staff.

NetBotz Sensors and Pods allow you to extend physical monitoring with additional cameras, additional sensors, to utilize existing CCTV cameras, and much more.

NetBotz Central allows you to instantly view environment readings and a camera image, as well as manage and configure all appliances, from any site on your network.
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Technical Specification

Make Netbotz
Manufacturer Netbotz
Model code WallBotz 500
Accessories Monitoring Appliance
Additional info The WallBotz 500 is the next-generation NetBotz monitoring appliance. The WallBotz 500's pod-based architecture gives the user tremendous flexibility and expandability. Camera pods and sensor pods can be located as far as 500m from the base station, allowing coverage of multiple rooms or cabinets. The base station itself can be wirelessly connected to an 802.11b wireless LAN. The Camera Pod 120 boasts a surveillance-class camera and audio recording, with multiple resolutions up to 1280x1024 and frame rates as high as 30 fps.
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