ISSI CCTV Lens Controller For Motorized Zoom Lenses

Product Profile

The LC-1 is an Ethernet based motorized lens controller for CCTV, security and motorized zoom lenses. Operating over Ethernet allows for communication with the device over long distances and for networking multiple devices over a local network or routable network.

The LC-1 features an easy to use software interface operated entirely on a computer for control from a control room or security office. The lens controller allows preset locations on zoom, focus and iris to be saved and recalled at any time. This allows the lens to return to preset locations to focus on a specific object or event.

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Technical Specification

Manufacturer Innovative Scientific Solutions, Inc. (ISSI)
Model code LC-1
Presets Unlimited, programmable
Electrical Specifications Voltage: 9 ~ 12 V
Environmental Specifications Operating Temp oC: 2 ~ 60 C (35 ~ 140 F)
Additional info

The CCTV Lens Controller (LC-1) is a control device for motorized zoom lenses. The LC-1 can operate lenses with up to three motors with or without potentiometers. The Ethernet connection makes communication much simpler than traditional serial lens controllers and also allows it to be operated over a longer distance than serial devices

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