Fujinon YF360A-2/SA2 Panomorph Lens

Product Profile

Fujifilm is proud to present the YF360A-2/SA2 lenses.

The panomorph lens design enables a full 360° blind spot free view and provides complete coverage of an area to track, detect and analyse the entire scene. In combination with an ImmerVision Enables® software and compatible CCTV camera the panomorph lens offers a flexible usage of 360° immersive view: you are able to navigate inside the image like a digital PTZ and visualize without distortion. Image correction (dewarping) is possible in live mode and playback. The YF360A-2/SA2 can be used with a wide range of standard 1/3” CS-mount cameras of 2 Megapixel resolutions down to VGA.

The panomorph lenses feature a Sensor Centering Adjustment system to perfectly centre horizontally and vertically the 360° image on the sensor. The YF360 is available with auto iris (DC signal) or as an open iris version.

About ImmerVision:
ImmerVision provides panomorph knowledge to hard and software manufacturers of the CCTV industries. The combination of ImmerVision Enables CCTV camera, lens and software offers a flexible usage of 360° immersive view, both live and playback. A list of ImmerVision Enables software and compatible cameras can be found on the ImmerVision homepage (www.immervision.com).

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Technical Specification

Make Fujinon
Manufacturer Fujifilm USA
Model code YF360A-2/SA2
Lens Format inches 1/3
Iris Type Auto Iris
Lens Mount CS
Direct Drive Yes
Additional info Remark - 360° overview
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