ESP Witness 24HR3 VCR

Technical Specification

  • Make: ESP Witness
  • Model code: 24HR3
  • Max Playback Time (hrs): 24
  • Video Format: VHS
  • Recording Type: Timelapse
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Additional info:

With remote control.

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Make ESP Witness
Manufacturer ESP - Electronics Line UK Ltd.
Model code 24HR3
Max Playback Time (hrs) 24
Video Format VHS
Recording Type Timelapse
Tape Speed 33.35m/sec
Fast forward/ Rewind time 3 min
Resolution TVL 300/350
Alarms 4~5 VDC
Audio Inputs RCA pin
Audio Outputs RCA pin
Video Inputs 1.0Vpp, 75 ohms
Video Outputs 1.0Vpp, 75 ohms
Specified Cassette Type E180
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 360 x 90 x 315
Weight kg: 4 kgs
Electrical Specifications Power Consumption: 17
Additional info With remote control.
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