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Advanced security smoke techniques

Smoke Screen systems have proven an incredibly successful loss prevention measure over the last 40 years.

With changes in the design of Concept Smoke Systems, new and powerful techniques can be used to protect property and premises.

One of these techniques is the versatile "Ducted Run" known as Barricade.

In this application a single generator can be complimented by a powerful centrifugal fan.  The fan pressurises security smoke and can force it over incredible distances with even distribution of the output.

This technique provides the following benefits:

  • A single generator can provide protection for multiple rooms - this makes the Smoke Screen system extremely cost effective.
  • The technique can be used to hide the true location of the smoke generator.  As the generator is not directly above any of the outlets, the point of smoke production cannot be attacked.

The Barricade has been used to provide blocks of screening smoke within large premises (such as Darty and Toys-R-Us).  If criminals cannot be stopped from entering the area then the valuables can be effectively concealed.

Barricade is also employed in Tesco Petrol Filling Stations as a high security measure.  Having multiple outlets for the smoke production allows the generator itself to be sited remotely and so is not prone to attack.  This measure has proved incredibly effective

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Technical Specification

Make Concept Engineering Ltd
Manufacturer Concept Smoke Screen Limited
Model code ViCount
Accessories Compact smoke generator
Additional info

Extremely high temperature resistance (to 200°C).  Extreme smoke persistency results in dramatic increase in smoke effectiveness when compared to water based smoke systems.  Automatic purging operation, maintenance free.  Precision machined heat exchanger, guaranteed for life!  Digital Temperature control, PID control, Solid State Switching, Splash proof switches and indicators.  Stainless steal versions available to special order.

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