Nov 25 2020 Europe/London

Verkada invites security professionals for an inaugural series of UK ‘lunch and learns’.

Every attendee will receive a £20 food delivery voucher on the morning of the event, allowing one to order in your favorite lunch. Meanwhile, one of Verkada experts will be joined by a customer from the likes of GAIL’s, the YMCA, and Citrix, to walk one through everything one could want to know about Hybrid-Cloud Video Security from both sides of the coin.

As all deal with the ongoing repercussions of COVID-19, Verkada has had many customers reach out needing to either fulfill their remote access needs to keep an eye on their buildings while employees are in quarantine mode, or helping staff and customers return safely with crowd notifications, facial recognition, and heatmaps. Whatever the situation, Verkada are here to help, Verkada is offering extended Free Trial Cameras with a personal product demo of up to 3 cameras - no strings attached.

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