In light of current global events, due to the limited workforce, utilising drones for autonomous & repeatable aerial patrols to guard properties, assets and large facilities 24×7 has become a necessity.

Enterprises require a robust security solution that encompasses everything from reliable hardware to intelligent, feature-rich software. Businesses are often faced with certain challenges like:

  • Lack of software support for affordable off-the-shelf drones like DJI Mavic Series.
  • Lack of automated solutions in existing drone operation management systems.
  • Inability to derive RoI due to high expense of docking stations & units.

By combining the power of off-the-shelf drone hardware, Hextronics state-of-the-art drone station with battery swapping capabilities & FlytNow intelligent cloud & edge modules, enterprises can now conduct fully autonomous operations with minimal downtime & one-third costs.

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