Jul 21 2021 Europe/London

At the globally renowned AESIN Security Conferences in the past, industry and academia combined to set out the cyber resilience challenge facing the automotive industry, as the world transitioned to greater autonomy, ever increasing levels of connectivity and vehicle system complexity.

The AESIN Virtual Security Conference will explain and offer key insights on how everyone can help, what has been done to refine the approach and to demonstrate its technical and economic feasibility at scale. This virtual Conference will provide insight into the latest thinking and experiences from leading cross-industry players, considering topics such as skills requirements, digital trust, secure architecture, cryptographic keys/authentication, robustness – resilient application interfaces and remote updates/access/firmware OTA (over-the-air).

The aim of the AESIN Virtual Security Conference is to outline an approach and to ask for help in understanding how to operationalize Cyber Resilience, what research could be re-purposed to kick start a solution, and how to meet and where necessary influence regulatory obligations.

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