Pentax 12~660mm Motorized Auto Iris Zoom Lens

Product Profile

Perfectly suited to installations such as military bases, ordnance ranges and civil or military airports, the Pentax 12-660mm zoom lens is a superb border / perimeter patrol asset.

With a built-in 2x range extender option - a motorised optical device that can be introduced from the control room at the push of a button – it is transformed into a 1320mm lens, easily allowing observation over 1 km distant (in accordance with PSDB guidelines: ⅓" camera, recognition at 587.65m / 1175.30m with range extender)

Among the first happy customers for this lens are artillery ranges where it has been made possible for observers to verify that a given field of fire is clear of personnel before shooting commences. Equally, for offshore ballistics work the Pentax 12~660 makes it possible to 'beach-comb' vast stretches of shoreline to recognize shell casings or even unexploded ordnance and other potentially hazardous flotsam.

The lens is less likely to feature in town and city centre surveillance schemes, but for what specialist applications there are – the Pentax 12~660mm zoom lens delivers premium performance.
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Technical Specification

Make Pentax
Manufacturer Pentax
Model code C61233
Zoom type Motorized
Lens Format inches 1/2
Focal Length mm 12~660
Iris Type Auto Iris
F-Stop 4.0
Zoom Ratio x55
Angle (Field) of View o 31 x 23
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