IFSEC 2007 News

SENKOADL To Introduce Versatile Lens For Compact Domes At IFSEC

The growth of CCTV domes at the expense of traditional box cameras in recent years has emphasized what an important surveillance tool these products are.However, while compact domes are suitable for general surveillance they are often found wanting in applications such as casino gaming tables and cash counting areas.  Here, the end-user needs close up detail but space is at a premium.  The camera must be either covert or at least discreet, and full-size domes can be too bulky and intru...

IFSEC 2007: RISCO Group Launches Dual-path IP Based Security System

ProSYS FreeCom includes Integrated IP and GSM/GPRS dual path communication from within the main box, a system that will be showcased at IFSEC 2007.RISCO Group, a leading provider of comprehensive security solutions, is launching its ProSYS FreeCom Integrated Security System and Signaling Solution in the UK.  ProSYS FreeCom is a landmark to fully Integrated Security and Dual-Path IP and GPRS communication solution, as it provides a complete end-to-end solution from the protected premises to...

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