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What is the Role of Security Systems in Case of Fire or Other Emergency?

When a fire or other emergency occurs in a building or facility, first responders depend on every available resource to ensure a safe and orderly evacuation and response. One element in any response plan is the facility’s physical security systems, including access control, video surveillance and intrusion detection. How can these systems contribute to an orderly response to a chaotic situation?  We asked this week’s Expert Panel Roundtable: What is the role of security systems...

Which Security Markets Are Likely To Embrace The Cloud?

Cloud applications are an everyday facet of business these days, exemplified by systems such as Office 365, and Dropbox. The physical security market is also embracing the cloud after overcoming some initial concerns and thanks to improvements in cloud offerings. We asked this week’s Expert Panel Roundtable: Which security markets are likely to embrace the cloud?

What Factor Is Most Overlooked When Installing Security Systems?

Tools such as standard operating procedures (SOPs) and checklists ensure that every factor is considered when installing a physical security system – or do they? Security system installations are detailed projects, and any overlooked detail is a missed opportunity to make the system better. We asked this week’s Expert Panel Roundtable: What is the most overlooked factor when installing physical security systems?

Qumulex Seeks To Simplify The Integrator Community’s Transition To The Cloud

Qumulex is a new startup with a mission to provide physical security integrators a transition path to embrace the technology of the cloud and a subscription-based business model. Qumulex’s products seek to provide capabilities to embrace the cloud without an integrator having to turn their back completely on the ‘transactional revenue’ of installing new systems. As the transition happens, Qumulex offers a product line that supports any mix of systems from on-premises to the cl...

Allegion UK Adds Brio 286DL Locking Handle To Its Range Of Accessories Enhancing Dual Point Lock On Folding Door Hardware

Allegion UK, a pioneer in safety and security, has added the 286DL locking handle to its established range of Brio dual point locks for exterior folding applications. It is ideal for both residential and commercial facilities, joining other Brio accessories for the 286 dual point lock used on Weatherfold 4s and 5c. Designed to ‘suite’ with Brio 288 lever furniture, the 286DL locking handle has been specifically design engineered to secure timber and aluminum folding panels. The singl...

What Are The Challenges And Opportunities Of Integrating Security And Fire?

Fire and security systems are two elements of the same mission: To keep buildings and their occupants safe. However, the two systems often operate independently and may not be integrated. Should there be more integration and what are the pitfalls? We asked this week’s Expert Panel Roundtable: What are the challenges and opportunities of integrating security and fire systems?

Allegion UK Discusses Security Solutions And Prioritising Quality To Ensure Effective Classroom Safety

A safe school environment is a prerequisite for productive learning. When students feel as though their safety is compromised, this affects their learning performance. To enhance levels of security, it’s important to know which methods of lockdown are suited and which should be avoided. Andrew Shaw, architectural consultant for Allegion UK, discusses the importance of bespoke security solutions and prioritizing quality. He says, 'Students need to feel safe in order to learn.' Safe and Se...

ONVIF To Participate In Access Control Panel Discussion At TechSec Solutions 2018

ONVIF, a global standardization initiative for IP-based physical security products, has announced that it will be presenting at TechSec Solutions 2018, as part of a panel discussion on trends in new technology in access control. Bob Dolan, who sits on the ONVIF Technical Services Committee, will be one of four panelists discussing ‘Access Control Holds the Keys to New Tech'. The panelists will examine how far access control has come, where it is headed, and how it will help to shape the f...