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FUJIFILM Optical Devices Europe GmbH Overview:

From a film producer to a global high tech corporation

FUJIFILM Optical Devices Europe GmbH is responsible at its Kleve location for the sales, marketing and servicing of professional FUJINON lenses for TV and film productions, CCTV and Machine Vision as well as FUJINON Binoculars in Europe, the Middle East and in Africa.

For many years, FUJINON has been creating award-winning lenses. It develops and produces innovative, cutting-edge solutions for almost every application in the entertainment industry, security systems and industrial image processing.

The professional lenses for TV and film productions redefine the limits of high resolution, high contrast ratio and high dynamic range. They create the pin-sharp TV pictures and help camera operators film stunning, powerful scenes.

Thanks to the Megapixel-Zoom and Megapixel-Varifocal lenses, CCTV systems are becoming high resolution. The steadily growing portfolio of precise Machine Vision lenses for industrial image processing ensures minimal distortion for highest image quality, even under harsh conditions.

FUJINON binoculars are known throughout the world. In particular, the FUJINON binoculars are very much appreciated by users in professional and semiprofessional areas.

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FUJIFILM Optical Devices Europe GmbH news

Fujifilm And Videotec Join Forces To Offer A Solution For Long-range Surveillance Applications

Fujifilm and Videotec announce a new collaboration, integrating top-performance products to supply an innovative solution for accurate long-range surveillance. This solution is ideal for protecting critical infrastructure and transportation networks, including airports, harbours, highways, borders and the environment. The combined system incorporates Fujifilm’s new high-end SX800 camera into Videotec’s ULISSE MAXI PTZ. Integrating the SX800 camera into the robust and precise ULISSE MAXI positioning unit is simple and fast, resulting in a first-class PTZ IP camera system for monitoring perimeters and extensive outdoor areas. Maximum resistance motors ULISSE MAXI is a powerful Full-IP PTZ for outdoor IP video surveillance, which can manage IP cameras with large-size lenses, with easy integration into a network system via ONVIF protocol. The sturdy mechanical structure and the powerful motors of the ULISSE MAXI PTZ are designed to guarantee maximum resistance to high operating stress, vibrations and to withstand harsh weather conditions. The unit is equipped with a wiper for removing rain and dust from the front glass. The SX800 camera lens offers a 40x optical zoom that covers a broad range of focal lengths from 20 mm on the wide-angle end to 800mm on the telephoto end, constantly providing sharp images and detailed closeups. It is complemented with 1.25x digital zoom to achieve long-range surveillance equivalent to 1000mm in focal length. The built-in image stabilizer accurately compensates for camera movement, typically caused by gusts of wind or structure vibrations. The system is particularly effective when shooting in the ultra-telephoto range, which is susceptible to even the smallest movement. Advanced de-Fog function With a highly sensitive sensor and advanced noise reduction, the SX800 can shoot clear footage with minimal noise even in low-light conditions. The advanced de-fog function brings vivid clarity to hazy images caused by light diffusion due to mist and dust. Alessio Grotto, President of Videotec said: “Our ULISSE MAXI coupled with Fujifilm’s SX800 is the perfect solution when operating cameras in the most challenging environments, and to get the best possible image quality while meeting the needs of the most demanding long-range surveillance applications.”

Fujinon Has Joined Fujifilm Europe Group

 The merger between Fujinon and FUJIFILM has been officially publishedOn 27 July 2011 the completed merger of Fujinon (Europe) GmbH into FUJIFILM Europe GmbH was published. With this merger Fujifilm made a major step towards the consolidation and integration of core business activities in Europe. Prior to that, in July 2010, FUJIFILM Corporation, Tokyo, had absorbed its wholly-owned direct subsidiary Fujinon Corporation. Following that move, respective changes were initiated in other regions of the world.Before the merger Fujinon (Europe) GmbH operated mainly in two market segments: Endoscopy Systems and Optical Devices. Within FUJIFILM Europe the Endoscopy Systems unit is integrated into the European Business Domain Medical Systems. It well supplements the existing product portfolio and enables Fujifilm to offer an enhanced product range out of one hand. The Optical Devices business was established as a new European Business Domain within the FUJIFILM Europe organization. Thereby, the Optical Devices business is given an enhanced and widened platform for successfully expanding its activities.About Fujifilm in EuropeNowadays Fujifilm entities operate in over 50 group companies in Europe and employ more than 5,000 people engaged in R&D, manufacturing, sales, and service support. Throughout Europe they serve a range of industries including medical, chemical, graphic arts, electronic materials, optics, recording media, motion picture, and photographic technologies. FUJIFILM Europe GmbH (Duesseldorf, Germany) acts as Strategic Headquarters for the region and supports its group companies in Europe by formulating marketing and corporate strategies.About FUJIFILM CorporationFUJIFILM Corporation is one of the major operating companies of FUJIFILM Holdings. Since its founding in 1934, the company has built up a wealth of advanced technologies in the field of photo imaging, and in line with its efforts to become a comprehensive healthcare company, Fujifilm is now applying these technologies to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in the Medical and Life Science fields. Fujifilm is also expanding growth in the highly functional materials business, including flat panel display materials, and in the graphic systems and optical devices businesses.

Fujinon Showcases New Megapixel Vari-focal Lenses At ISC West

 Fujinon to introduce three new lenses within YV Series at ISC West 2009At the ISC West convention this April in Las Vegas, Fujinon (Booth 8141) will introduce three new megapixel, vari-focal lens options designed for CS mount, 1/3-inch camera formats. Designed for small to medium-sized room applications, the YV2.8x2.8SA-2 is a 2.8-8mm, F1.2 lens. The YV4.3x2.8SA-2, a 2.8-12mm, F1.4 lens, offers greater flexibility and is the preferred choice for larger room applications. The Y3.3x15SA-2 is a compact design 15-50mm, F1.5 lens used when greater object distance is required, such as hallways and parking lots. All three of these lenses were released last year as auto iris DC Type models.Fujinon will introduce a total of 10 new megapixel vari-focal lenses at ISC West. Earlier this year, Fujinon announced a new ultra wide, 120-degree horizontal megapixel vari-focal lenses in both manual and auto iris DC Type, as well as a Day/Night megapixel vari-focal version in auto iris DC Type. Most recently, four 1/2-inch camera format megapixel lenses were announced, a 3.8-13mm for broad range applications and an 8-80mm designed for longer distance telephoto-type applications. The 1/2-inch format megapixel lenses come in both manual and auto iris DC Type models.Fujinon is dedicated to providing the highest quality and broadest range of "C" and "CS" mount lenses at competitive pricing.