Integration Of Vizualize Technology With Wavestore’s Video Management Software

Integration Of Vizualize Technology With Wavestore’s Video Management Software

The recent integration of Vizualize technology with Wavestore’s video management software has enhanced the ability of businesses to identify opportunities to increase operational efficiency and ensure customer satisfaction.

Vizualize ties together leading-edge sensors, intelligent devices, analytics and reporting solutions to enhance business performance.

In retail environments for example, working together with Wavestore’s open platform VMS, Vizualize’s highly accurate 3D edge based people counting system provides shopper tracking, in-store audience measurement and product interaction monitoring solutions which can deliver insight into every element of retail store shopper activity. This can equip operational, marketing, merchandising and HR managers to make smarter decisions in order to acquire, convert and retain more customers.

Vizualize’s ability to provide valuable management information is not limited to the retail sector, which is one of the reasons its technology has been deployed in thousands of locations across more than 40 countries on six continents.

Passenger waiting times and delays at airports, ports and other transport facilities has become of increasing concern as security measures are tightened. This problem can be avoided by the monitoring of queue length so that staff scheduling can be optimized. A video surveillance system with Wavestore video management software at its heart and supported by Vizualize, can provide visually verifiable people counting data to determine passenger flow rates and occupancy of designated zones, empowering operation managers to maximize the efficient use of human resources and negate passenger frustration.

What's inside?

  • Transport
  • Public Safety
  • Museums & Galleries
  • 360 Degrees Visibility
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