ROI (Region Of Interest) - Encoding Technology V0.5

ROI (Region Of Interest) - Encoding Technology V0.5

When security cameras are deployed, they are positioned to provide coverage over the scenes of most interest. Within the field of view of the camera, some areas are of greater importance than others and some areas are really of no interest at all. This is more and truer as the resolution of cameras increase from the traditional D1 resolution to the 1.3MP and 2MP that is standard today, to 5MP and more. These cameras now either cover more area with a single camera or provide more detail within the traditional field of view. The increasing resolution, even with improved encoding efficiencies, requires more and more bandwidth and storage.

New technology, called Region of Interest (ROI) Encoding has been developed to resolve this issue by providing the highest image quality on the areas or a scene or objects of most interest while reducing the quality level in uninteresting areas to provide the highest quality/lowest bandwidth results.

There are many surveillance situations where there is ROI and background information in the same scene. In this white paper, two solutions are presented, the manually enabled ROI and ROI triggered by intelligent analysis on the image. And those two solutions are realized by the H.264/AVC encoding, to allocate the encoding quality and bitrate, save the bandwidth and rather reduce the cost.

Hikvision integrates the intelligent analysis, face recognition and ROI encoding into the high definition video products, and as one of the earliest manufacturers in the surveillance industry to use the H.264/AVC standard, provides the best performance of ROI encoding comparing to the same level products from other manufacturers. And like always, we are dedicated to bring more value to the customers.

What's inside?

  • ROI Encoding
  • Encoding Quantization and Quality Control
  • H.264/AVC and ROI Encoding
  • The Effects and Influence of ROI Encoding
  • Enabling ROI
  • Conclusion
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