Optimizing Video And Access Control Integration With A Next-generation Security Platform

Optimizing Video And Access Control Integration With A Next-generation Security Platform

Nowadays, video surveillance and access control systems require a certain level of synergy. Yet the security industry has continued to provide disparate systems, with limited communication between systems. Even today, with all the technologies available, the industry is struggling to fully succeed at building security solutions that fulfill the users’ true needs — a cohesive video and access control system that is efficient, non-proprietary, and cost effective.

With the recent advancements in software technologies, and the ongoing discussions between manufacturers, integration has become a popular substitute for traditional interfacing. However, even integration has its limits. The answer can be found in single software that manages access control, intrusion and video through non-proprietary security appliances. This next-generation security platform provides unity between video, access and intrusion systems with built-in reporting and alarm management functionalities. It goes above and beyond the basic functionalities of interfacing, integration and even PSIMs, offering end-users an efficient, flexible and cost-effective option to system unification.

For the longest time, there were separate manufacturers building different products, each with their own specialized engineering teams. Even if end users always requested synergy between the two products, the reality was to buy video surveillance from one supplier and access control from another.

What's inside?

  • Addressing the security industry’s hidden flaw: interfacing
  • Shedding light on what the end users really want
  • After simple interfacing comes integration
  • A cut above the rest: the open - unified platform
  • What about PSIM?
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