OPTEX And Wavestore - Intelligent Perimeter Detectors Integration

OPTEX And Wavestore - Intelligent Perimeter Detectors Integration

The rising costs of deploying security guards had led to increased use of intelligent perimeter detectors supported by high definition video surveillance cameras, with the objective of detecting intruders before any crime takes place. At high security, critical infrastructure sites, the same combination can complement other security measures in order to combat the threat of terrorist attacks.

The integration of Wavestore’s open platform video management software with the REDSCAN RLS-3060SH IP Laser sensor and Fiber SenSys® FD525 fiber optic fence detection system, both of which are manufactured by the OPTEX Group, offers a powerful tool to deter and detect would be intruders, while providing instant access to recorded video when verification of any incident is required.

The REDSCAN RLS-3060SH IP Laser sensor and the Fiber SenSys FD525 fiber optic detection system are both designed to interact seamlessly with fixed or PTZ cameras to allow control room operators, via a Wavestore’s single screen video recording and management solution, to visually verify what is occurring and trigger an effective response. The detectors will connect to any analog or IP camera via the Wavestore VMS with selected PTZ models enabling the tracking of people, vehicles or an object across a pre-set camera view, to make the operator’s task easier.

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