NEXTCHIP's AHD™ Technology: Driving The Future Of Analog Video

NEXTCHIP's AHD™ Technology: Driving The Future Of Analog Video

Video surveillance cameras today are better than ever. They provide better images, offer more functionality and meet the most exacting demands of integrators and end users. Much of the video system improvements today are the result of better processor chips inside the cameras and other components.

Improved Chip Technology

Because video improvements have come about in the age of Internet protocol (IP) – and amid the rise of IP cameras – it’s easy to associate better surveillance system performance with IP systems. However, systems that use analogue connectivity are also reaping the rewards of better chip technologies. Specifically, improvement in chip technology has fueled a recent rapid growth of analogue high definition (AHD™) video systems. These systems use the same transmission cabling and infrastructure as legacy analogue systems, but they offer performance and functionality comparable to IP systems, including higher definition.

And in the case of analog HD, too, better-performing cameras are driven by better processor chips, so-called ISP (Image Signal Processors). Specifically, these new chips are designed especially for AHD™ technologies, and they provide flexibility to enable manufacturers to use them in ways that are specific to their own equipment designs. The chips also enable video manufacturers to provide lower-cost systems, and systems that are compatible with other components on the market – even those that use competing analog formats.

What's inside?

  • Expanding Analog Beyond HD
  • The Technical Advantages of AHD™ Chips and Their Functionality
  • What's Next in AHD™: Higher Resolutions, More Flexibility
  • The Company Behind AHD™ Camera Chips
  • Global Approach to Expanding AHD™ Technology
  • Driving the Worldwide Market for AHD™
  • 'Dying Technology' Comes Vigorously Back to Life
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