Migrating To Symmetry From  Legacy Casi-Rusco Access Control Systems

Migrating To Symmetry From Legacy Casi-Rusco Access Control Systems

Most Casi Rusco Picture Perfect access control systems were installed in the 1990’s and has reached legacy status opening the door to potential security risks. In 2011, the current manufacturer of the access control / security management system platform, Picture Perfect, announced that this product will no longer be supported after 2014. This announcement created distinct problems, some potentially very costly, and left many customers concerned about the future of their Picture Perfect systems and Micro/5, M2000 and M3000 panels.

AMAG Technology wanted to help these customers move away from being locked into a legacy system and made the decision to manufacture replacement panels for the Micro/5, M3000, and M2000. The result is the Symmetry SR family of controllers. AMAG Technology’s Symmetry™ is future-proof and the world’s most widely installed access control system. 

Symmetry is recognized for its ease of use and comprehensive feature set. AMAG has developed a new Symmetry Door Controller solution which allows plug-and-play swap outs to Symmetry for users of Picture Perfect, Secure Perfect™ and Facility Commander Wnx (FCWnx). Some of the largest Picture Perfect users around the world are already moving to Symmetry. This White Paper explains the thinking behind the solution and provides further information.

What's inside?

  • The Solution
  • Benefits of the Symmetry Solution
  • Why AMAG?
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