Technology Report: Managing Business Remotely Using The Cloud Technology Report: Managing Business Remotely Using The Cloud

The Technology Report from, produced in collaboration with Oncam Technologies, highlights how a new technology platform that combines cloud-based computing and automated on-site data collection can help businesses with remote monitoring and management. Combining inputs from surveillance systems, access control, intrusion detection systems, and video analytics, among others, the OnVu360 management platform has applications in remote business management and security management across several markets including retail, public security, and home automation.  

What's inside?

  • Foreword
  • How It Helps - Meeting a Need in Customer-Focused Environments
  • What It Does - How Connecting and Analysing Each Location Optimises Productivity and Lowers Costs
  • What It Is - Components of the OnVu360 Platform
  • The Big Picture - 360-Degree Cameras Provide Visibility at Remote Locations
  • Gathering Data - Easy Configuration of Video Analytics
  • On The Go - Dewarped Images on Mobile Devices
  • Trying It Out - Application Focus: Quick-Service Restaurant Chain
  • Taking It Home - Home Automation Market Applications
  • Where Its Needed - OnVu360 Has Applications in Multiple Verticals
  • What's Next - Technology Road Map: A Flexible Platform for Multiple Applications
  • Opportunities for the Future...And Now
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