Intelligent Networks - Reducing The Need For On-site Maintenance

Intelligent Networks - Reducing The Need For On-site Maintenance

Networks are evolving constantly. The number of subscribers is increasing and new services require more network capacity. Higher capacity demands are tackled with network re- segmentation and node splitting, which in practice leads to laborious and costly on-site re- adjustment of network devices. Not only will it result in increased risk for human errors and network unreliability, but also higher operating costs.

An elegant way to reduce this manual work is to bring intelligence to the network. By intelligence, we mean intelligent network devices that can be automatically aligned and management software to control and monitor the whole network. Adding intelligence to networks can lead to astonishing results: we typically see 50 % savings in operating costs and payback times of 1-3 years for the additional investments required to enable the intelligence. In this paper, we outline how such an intelligent network can be constructed and how intelligence affects network management.

What's inside?

  • Current situation – with growth comes complexity
  • Bring intelligence to the network
  • Designing intelligent network nodes and amplifiers
  • Monitoring and controlling network elements
  • Full HMS integration with any management system
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