Today’s colleges and universities demand secure and flexible solutions, not only for safeguarding people, assets and data, but for connecting students to services and applications campus-wide - from physical facility and logical network access – to cashless payment and tracking time and attendance.

In light of these developments, using a smart device for controlling physical access (what the industry calls ‘mobile access’) is a logical step for education institutions.

In this HID Global white paper, you will learn about the benefits of mobile access in the new mobile-first world, find out exactly how it works, and discover what colleges and universities need to consider when implementing a mobile access control solution.

What's inside?

  • Why consider mobile access for your institution?
  • Smart devices are everywhere
  • How does mobile access work?
  • Students expect a mobile-first world
  • The benefits of mobile access
  • Mobile access can be more efficient to manage
  • Mobile access can be more secure
  • The dangers of using outdated technology
  • Mobile access enables a more connected environment
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