How to Choose the Right Solution for Video Data to Enhance Security and Operational Intelligence

How to Choose the Right Solution for Video Data to Enhance Security and Operational Intelligence

Demand is increasing rapidly for more video, higher quality video, and increasing use of video for innovations like video analytics that provide enhanced security and operational intelligence.

The growing demand is driving higher resolutions, larger camera counts, and longer retention times, which have all contributed to the growing importance and higher profile of data management and storage systems in the video surveillance industry.

Customers need guidance when choosing video management and storage systems to meet the unique needs of video data, and making the choice requires them to look beyond the narrow issues of technology hardware and software and to consider broadly their operational needs and how video fits into those needs. This Technology Report will highlight some considerations to guide customers to the right video platform.

What's inside?

  • How Critical is Video to My Organization?
  • How Can I Match the Video Data Solution to My Needs?
  • How Much Video Information Am I Storing, and How Do I Need to Retrieve It?
  • Which Makes More Sense: Cloud or On-Premises Storage?
  • How Does the System Integrate into the Overall Corporate Enterprise Environment?
  • Should Video Systems Be Segmented from the Enterprise IT Environment?
  • How Can I Find a Good Partner to Guide Me?
  • What the Security Department Needs to Know
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