A New Alternative To Video Transmission Over Ethernet For Industrial Security Applications

A New Alternative To Video Transmission Over Ethernet For Industrial Security Applications

The industrial security market has been witnessing the gradual transition to video, audio, and data transmission over Ethernet since the beginning of this decade. This change has impacted numerous other markets as well, including the transportation, factory automation/industrial control, and utility/electric power transmission and distribution markets. Prior to the introduction of video over IP (or Internet Protocol), a separate network of analog or digitally encoded video was typically utilized for hauling the video from the edge of the network back to the monitoring location.

Audio for telephony or a communications intercom system; RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 serial data, commonly used for CCTV camera pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) control or the card access element of the system, was transmitted from the field devices back to the control center on other dedicated and parallel networks. The transmission media of choice was usually optical fiber for reasons of robustness and bandwidth.

What's inside?

  • Classical video, data & audio parallel network
  • Ethernet-based linear insert & repeat network
  • Use of FVT/FVR video/data multiplexers & de-multiplexers
  • Self-healing ring network
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