Veracity OUTREACH Ethernet And POE Extender For Security Products

Veracity OUTREACH Ethernet And POE Extender For Security Products

Veracity's OUTREACHTM family of products frees network installers from the distance limitations of conventional Ethernet and Power over Ethernet (PoE). OUTREACH delivers an instant solution for anyone who needs to run Cat5 network connections beyond 100 metres (330 feet), requiring no set-up or configuration, and with the peace of mind of guaranteed PoE performance.

Only Power Promise makes it possible for OUTREACH to offer this unique capability. Power Promise is a Veracity-developed, patent-pending technology which employs meticulous power management to ensure that PoE can only be enabled to devices if there will be no possibility of any device malfunction or disconnection at any time.

Whenever electricity is carried by a cable, some power is lost as heat in the cable (due to the cable's resistance), and there will be a corresponding voltage drop across it. The longer the cable, the more power is lost, and the greater the voltage drop.

The PoE standard (IEEE 802.3af) accounts for this when it specifies the power characteristics of compatible equipment, so PoE sources must be capable of delivering sufficient power, and at a high enough voltage, to account for the losses in the network cable.

What's inside?

  • The risk of extending PoE beyond 100 meters
  • The Power Promise solution
  • Key advantages of Power Promise
  • Conclusion
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