VIVOTEK - The Next Generation Video Codec 'Scalable Video Coding (SVC)'

VIVOTEK - The Next Generation Video Codec 'Scalable Video Coding (SVC)'

Scalable Video Coding (SVC) is an extension, which is also known as Annex G, to the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC video encoding standard. The objective of SVC is to enable the encoding of a video bitstream that contains one or more subset bitstreams. These subset bitstreams consist of one of more layers, each of which contain data that, when added to data from other layers, increases the decoded video frame rate, resolution, fidelity, or a combination of these three. SVC layers that enable decoded video of different frame rates are said to provide frame rate or temporal scalability.

Implementations of SVC Technology: VIVOTEK as an Example 

IP surveillance solution vendor VIVOTEK has been an industry pioneer in adopting SVC, implementing frame rate scalability through SVC for a number of applications and usage scenarios. Detailed applications and usage scenarios are described in the following sections.

What's inside?

  • Background
  • What is SVC?
  • Implementations of SVC Technology: VIVOTEK as an Example
  • Conclusion
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