The Healthy Market For Video Surveillance At Medical Facilities

The Healthy Market For Video Surveillance At Medical Facilities

The healthcare market is unique among verticals in the video surveillance market. Keeping healthcare facilities safe and secure for patients, visitors and employees is especially challenging given the size of a typical hospital and the range of security and life safety technologies in play.

Hospitals are open environments where patients, visitors and clinicians come and go largely without restrictions. There are a lot of doors and entrances, and hospitals in general aim for an open environment that reduces stress and helps patients and their families feel more at home. Hospitals are a combination of many different environments – some including restaurants, banks, dry cleaners, and other shops – and therefore reflect a broad spectrum of security challenges. It’s a busy environment that challenges security personnel to monitor threats. Video surveillance is a critical tool.

This Technology Report will highlight some of the opportunities for integrators and end users to leverage the value of video surveillance technology in the hospital and healthcare environment. We will also report on how one video technology manufacturer, Hikvision North America, is working to meet the unique challenges of the healthcare community.

What's inside?

  • The Market for Video Surveillance in Healthcare
  • Selling Video Surveillance to the Healthcare Market
  • Why Healthcare Customers Buy Video Surveillance
  • Systems to Solve the Challenges of Healthcare Security
  • Emerging Applications: Remote Patient Monitoring and Telesitting
  • Challenges and Opportunities for Integrators
  • Hikvision North America's Focus on the Healthcare Vertical
  • Expect a Bright Future for a Stable Market
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