WavestoreUSA’s Distinct Video Management And Recording Solutions

WavestoreUSA’s Distinct Video Management And Recording Solutions

Wavestore video management software (VMS) is continuously being developed to support the most up to date technology. WavestoreUSA takes great pride in having the most user friendly, technician friendly and customer friendly VMS. It features powerful, fully integrated video management tools, including automated system health monitoring and event responses, investigation management, interactive maps, intuitive video viewing interface and more.

The company’s wide range of NVR, HVR, and HDVR solutions are stable, reliable and secure providing an immediate and long-term return on investment and an overall low cost of ownership.

There are many features that distinguish WavestoreUSA solutions including ease of installation, the ability to expand and upgrade installed systems and the overall reliability of the Linux - based server design. WavestoreUSA is proud to deliver solutions that are user friendly, simple to install and cost effective. WavestoreUSA is a global company committed to global standardization and open platform solutions.

Wavestore V5 VMS is scalable from a single camera solution to large scale systems with thousands of cameras. Live and recorded video can be viewed, managed and configured in a variety sizes, formats and positions from any location on the network. Wavestore is also proud to be an ONVIF member providing simplified installation of IP-based security products regardless of brand.

What's inside?

  • WavestoreUSA video management & recording solutions
  • V5 video management software
  • Flexible recording solutions for business needs
  • Live software demo
  • Video analytics integrations
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