Viability of solar-powered wireless cameras: Business and technical cases

Viability of solar-powered wireless cameras: Business and technical cases

This white paper by MicroPower talks about remote cameras, that are a security professional’s eyes at the edges of parking lots, ranches, K/12 and university campuses, freight yards and power stations, where property is most vulnerable. Any security system is only as strong as its weakest link, and most security professionals are likely to regard a solar-recharged, wireless, pole-mounted, self-contained camera in a distant corner of the property as a probable point of vulnerability. These professionals are trained to look at every component in a system and ask, “How do I know I can rely on it?”

Solar-Powered Wireless Cameras

Nevertheless, security professionals in a wide variety of industries rely on solar-recharged, wireless video surveillance systems. They have evaluated the business and technical cases supporting the technology and proved to themselves that these systems are the most cost-effective way to maintain 24/7/365 eyes on their security perimeter.

What's inside?

  • The Business Case Around Remote Surveillance
  • The Technical Case Around Solar Recharging — “How Do I Know I Can Rely On It?”
  • Conclusion
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