Wavestore VMS Integrated With ISM Genesys2 Integrated Security Management Control Room Software

Wavestore VMS Integrated With ISM Genesys2 Integrated Security Management Control Room Software

An analysis by growth consultancy Frost & Sullivan found that ‘the market generated revenues from PSIM systems of $142.9 million in 2011 are likely to significantly increase by 2021 to reach $2.79 billion’. This growth is attributed to the fact that: ‘Since physical security systems are scattered around facilities–different areas, sites and even continents – a solution that can unite these systems will offer great value to the customer.’

The integration of Wavestore video management software (VMS), with the ISM Genesys2 integrated security management control room software, provides systems integrators with an opportunity to capitalize on this projected growth in demand for large-scale integrated security management systems by harnessing all the benefits that can be achieved from recent advances in IP network based video surveillance technology.

The ISM award-winning and patented Genesys2 PSIM software offers a scalable solution for small single sites to multi-sites projects, irrespective of their location. Its ability to integrate products from multiple manufacturers into one holistic platform, allows a control room to efficiently manage all alerts generated from CCTV, Intruder, Fire and Access Control systems, offering the potential to reduce man guarding costs.

Additional modules, such as Building Management and lighting control, further enhance the positive Return on Investment which clients can achieve from a PSIM solution.

One of the key benefits of the level of integration achieved between Wavestore’s VMS and the Genesys2 software, is that pre and post events can be immediately displayed on an integrated video wall to provide control room operators with instant access to real time events. Security is therefore enhanced with the ability of operators to visually detect and pinpoint breaches across multiple sites.

What's inside?

  • Seamless integration
  • Enhanced graphical user experience
  • Clear and concise alarm management
  • Benefits of VMS and ISM interoperability
  • High performance recording and storage
  • Power saving with EcoStore
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