How Security Systems Ensure Healthy Workplaces During COVID and After

How Security Systems Ensure Healthy Workplaces During COVID and After

The COVID-19 pandemic closed businesses globally as employees retreated into the safety of their homes to avoid infection from the potentially deadly virus. As the pandemic continued, it became clear that additional measures were needed to protect essential employees and to pave the way for all employees to return to work.

Today, technologies from the physical security industry – including access control, video cameras and video management systems (VMSs) – are playing a central role in making buildings safer. 

Today’s physical security solutions are empowered by artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics, and they support applications such as presence of masks, detection of elevated body surface temperatures, counting of building occupants, facial recognition, object re-identification and more. The analytics and AI are the real change enablers that help to deliver the improved value to customers in a post-COVID world.

In this white paper, Exacq explain how these security technologies are providing safer and healthier workplaces in the post-COVID world.

What's inside?

  • Building Systems Incorporate AI and Machine Learning
  • Detecting Elevated Skin Temperature
  • Mask Detection Analytics
  • Access Control and Contact Tracing
  • The Emerging World of Health Passports
  • Facial Recognition and Privacy
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