For security and video surveillance systems, enterprise applications are the pinnacle. The enterprise market provides the most challenges; its customers are the most demanding. It also can provide the greatest rewards.

In the last couple of years, Hikvision USA has implemented an ambitious strategy to succeed in the enterprise market, focusing on quality products that offer a rich feature set at competitive prices. This Technology Report will examine the forces that drive the enterprise market, and how consultants, integrators, distributors and manufacturers work together to meet the market’s needs. Specifically, it will report on how Hikvision is expanding its infrastructure and processes to serve this most demanding of markets.

What's inside?

  • Trends Driving the Enterprise Market
  • Uncovering Opportunity in the Enterprise Market
  • Getting to Know the Enterprise Customer
  • The Role of Integrators
  • The Role of Consultants
  • The Role of Distributors
  • Products for the Enterprise Market
  • Addressing Each Customer’s Needs
  • Joining Forces in the Enterprise Market: ADT and Hikvision
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