Ensuring Cybersecurity Of Video

Ensuring Cybersecurity Of Video

Concerns about the ability of hackers to access live images or retrieve recorded video surveillance images are timelier than ever.

The challenges of cybersecurity apply to thousands of small businesses that entrust video surveillance solutions, as well as mission-critical end-users, such as airports, banks, local authorities, government, military and emergency services.

End-to-end cybersecurity begins at the edge with cameras and Systems on Chips (SOCs) that ensure identification and authentication of users and protect data through encryption.

In this white paper, Hanwha Techwin America highlights important considerations and how their Wisenet7 SOC addresses them.

What's inside?

  • Hardware Security, including secure boot, secure storage, secure OS and Secure JTAG
  • End-to-End Protection, including mutual authentication, encrypted video images, etc
  • Security by Default/Design
  • Security in Depth, using multiple layers of cybersecurity
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