Defining A Strategy For Migrating From Analog To IP

Defining A Strategy For Migrating From Analog To IP

It is now widely accepted that by 2014, the video security market will be dominated by IP networked solutions. Our paper examines the reasons behind the ongoing migration from analog to IP and gives you a clear understanding of the benefits migration brings. We also enable you to see the range of migration options available and we highlight the considerations you need to evaluate before undertaking such a migration.

With IP networked video security solutions becoming increasingly poplular and set to dominate the market by 2014, we discuss the reasons behind the migration from analog to IP, the benefits migration brings, the migration options available and the considerations to be evaluated before undertaking such a migration.

For the first time ever, sales of HD/network cameras overtook the sales of analog cameras this year. By 2014, we expect to see IP networked surveillance seriously outperforming analog camera sales.

There are a number of migration paths available when looking to upgrade a site from analog to IP. Some sites may benefit from adoption a combination of these options. These migration paths should be considered as a guide per camera location, rather than per site. The ability to mix and match IP products throughout is a key benefit.

What's inside?

  • Analog to IP migration
  • The benefits of migration
  • Migration options of IP network cameras
  • Benefits of each migration path
  • Pre-migration considerations
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