Combined AXIS and Wavestore Video Surveillance Solution To Provide Customized Solutions For Specific Vertical Markets

Combined AXIS and Wavestore Video Surveillance Solution To Provide Customized Solutions For Specific Vertical Markets

AXIS is the market leader in IP network video solutions and a driving force behind the shift from analog to digital video surveillance. Founded in 1984, the Swedish based company’s network cameras have been specified for video surveillance projects in 179 countries.

All the IP network cameras within the Axis range have been successfully integrated with Wavestore’s VMS, including thermal and panoramic, 360 degree models, as well as fixed and PTZ cameras and domes. Collectively, they can provide a video surveillance solution for virtually any application or environment and full support for on-board video analytics, motion detection, audio detection and alarm management, in conformance with ONVIF Profile S.

Much more than security, a combined AXIS and Wavestore video surveillance solution can provide customized solutions to match the requirements of specific vertical markets such as retail. With the use of real-time and affordable visual intelligence, retailers can clearly review the detailed daily activity in each store and optimize many aspects including the layout, presentation, promotion and customer service. New data from network-based video, combined with data from existing sources and presented in easy-to-use reports, can drive more targeted decisions about merchandising and promoting products, as well as directing customers more effectively through a store.

What's inside?

  • IP network video solutions
  • Customized vertical market solutions
  • Wavestore VMS and AXIS 360 degree cameras
  • Resilient and scalable video management
  • Integrated video surveillance solution
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