AMG And Wavestore Offer Integrated Video Surveillance Solutions

AMG And Wavestore Offer Integrated Video Surveillance Solutions

There can perhaps be no better example of a business partnership between two independent British manufacturers successfully collaborating for the benefit of mutual customers. AMG Systems Ltd and Wavestore individually specialize in providing different key elements of a video surveillance system.

In addition to the highly popular PanoCam360A 5 Megapixel 360 degree camera, AMG Systems Ltd is a highly respected global supplier of a wide range of environmentally robust fiber optic, Ethernet and wireless transmission solutions designed for security and communication projects. Working closely together, AMG Systems Ltd and Wavestore are able to collectively offer seamlessly integrated remote visual monitoring solutions to enable security professionals to detect and combat criminal and terrorist activity, as well as provide a valuable tool for business managers who are looking to maximize operational efficiency.

What's inside?

  • Video capture and transmission
  • Wavestore video recording and management
  • Innovative video surveillance monitoring
  • Transmission
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