Apr 28 2021 Europe/London

The past year has seen a sharp rise in cyber-attacks against the power grid, with sophisticated social engineering tactics being leveraged by cybercriminals to open new doorways into the grid. With a hyper-connected power grid now the norm, and the trend towards WFH and BYOD gaining momentum, power grid technical workforces and the infrastructure they protect, are more accessible and more susceptible to the damaging effects of nation state actors, ransomware attackers and hacking enthusiasts, than ever before.

This 60 minutes webinar will dive into the lessons learnt from the most recent cyber-attacks on the power grid, providing insights into how cybercrime groups are evolving, re-organizing and honing their skills to enable higher-stakes activities.

Through a series of presentations and panel discussions, the webinar will predict the nature of the attacks that cybercriminals are likely to launch on complex IT and OT-converged infrastructures, and quantify the risk facing the grid, in the next 2-3 years. Finally, the webinar will identify the organizational, workforce and technical strategies urgently required to strengthen the cyber security posture and enable getting ahead, and staying ahead of the threat-scape.

By getting to know the adversary inside out, and being able to predict their every move, power grid cyber security teams and their engineering colleagues stand a much stronger chance of building and maintaining smart grid infrastructures that are both secure-by-design and adaptive to the resiliency demands of a more malicious threat landscape.

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