Hikvision AI Cloud Intelligent IoT Architecture For Enhanced Video Surveillance

Hikvision AI Cloud Intelligent IoT Architecture For Enhanced Video Surveillance

In the past, people largely depend on manual labour to guard against theft and ensure security. With the rapid development of video surveillance network, the situation has greatly improved. However, the increasing cameras also come with a series of problems on performance management and data utilization.

For example, a medium-sized city can produce a video quantity equivalent to 100 billion photos a day, which will take a person more than 100 years to browse through. Just imagine how difficult it can be to locate your target from so many videos. To solve these problems, the Hikvision AI Cloud intelligent IoT architecture is created.

Traditional video network enables you to see things and see them clearly, but the intelligent video network based on Hikvision AI Cloud does more than that. It helps you understand what you see, and respond in time.

This is how the AI Cloud works. First, it incorporates the artificial intelligence technology on the front end, which provides machine with perceptual intelligence. To be more specific, with the AI technology, machines can recognize people, vehicles, objects, behaviours, and other content in the video images.

In addition, the integrated multi-source heterogeneous data combined with the logical reasoning ability of big data also make the system capable of cognitive intelligence, so that it can analyze events and understand the essence. Then, a cloud-edge integration architecture is formed based on the combination of these two intelligence, and the whole system can realize Multitier application and agile response eventually.

Hikvision AI Cloud is a customized architecture for intelligent IoT. It is composed of three tiers: Edge Node, Edge Domain and Cloud Centre. Each of these three tiers can perform their duties independently and collaborate well with each other. In this sense, the AI Cloud is not just a cloud centre, but a cloud-edge integration structure with a better understanding of intelligent IoT.

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