ABLOY Pulse case study: Joensuun Elli

ABLOY Pulse case study: Joensuun Elli

Housing is becoming more common with urbanization. Student housing company Joensuun Elli is the first company in the world to install a new digital ABLOY PULSE locking system developed in Joensuu.

Student Housing Company Joensuun Elli is the world's first housing company with Abloy's new locking system, ABLOY PULSE. The system is installed in apartments located at Kalastajankatu 32 and Sepänkatu 39b. Joensuun Lukituspiste Oy is responsible for installation and maintenance.

Joensuu Ell has about 3,500 inhabitants and 2,000 apartments at 40 locations. The student housing company typically has a high turnover rate, and there are a lot of keys to manage. Until now, the customer service office has used key cabinets and paper key cards. Soon the residents no longer have to go to Elli's office to queue. In addition, property managers will no longer need to carry and protect heavy keychains or use pipe key storage.

"When the fluctuation is lively, there are sometimes unpleasant situations if, for example, an exchange student inadvertently takes both keys to move abroad. The entry of a new resident into the apartment is typically delayed by more than a week, when we cannot immediately give up the keys." Minna Lievonen, Customer Service Manager at Joensuun Elli.

The benefits of the new lock are expected to be seen in Joensuu Elli as a financial saving when the need for re-assignment of locks is virtually eliminated.

The most important benefit comes from improved customer service and comfort. The feeling of security increases when, for example, the privileges of missing keys are removed from the system right away. In addition, customer service may in the future distribute temporary access rights remotely, for example, to public sauna facilities, where the resident does not need to visit Elli's office to pick up and return the keys.

Students are also very conscious. They will certainly appreciate the fact that PULSE itself produces the energy it needs from pushing, without emissions,” Lievonen adds.

Society and security are becoming digital

In the real estate sector, digitalisation and automation are already everyday and smart buildings are becoming more common. As a result, the needs of new types of digital locking and access control solutions are also increasing.

In addition, a strong urbanization and an aging population are changing the world. As a result of this development, apartment building will increase. According to Statistics Finland, the popularity of apartment building is growing. Until 2009, the number of dwellings in residential buildings has grown significantly faster than in dwellings - in recent years, at almost 2% per annum.

The change in lockout is particularly evident in housing forms where the number of users is high and the population is changing densely - such as rental housing companies, student homes and housing companies. At these sites, property managers want flexible access control. We believe this type of housing will grow with recognized trends,” says Kimmo Hirvonen, Product Manager at Abloy Oy.

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