Milestone XProtect 2016 VMS Gives Partners Power And Puts Customers In Control

Product Profile

XProtect Focuses On Partners’ Needs

The fast-paced changes in our world make short product development cycles a necessity. In response to feedback from the Milestone partner community, extensive enhancements have been made to XProtect software to allow for frequent product releases. Three core VMS product releases will be delivered every year in addition to the bi-monthly device pack releases for supporting third-party cameras. The multiple yearly release schedule will ensure that Milestone can rapidly respond to market demands, with a more frequent timetable enabling implementation of new features and enhancements to existing product capabilities within a very short lead time. The XProtect 2016 release is the largest-ever development effort for Milestone.

Milestone has also created new beta-lab testing for Milestone Solution Partners (MSPs). This gives developers a first look at new integration options, new features in the VMS product suite and the possibility to engage directly with the Milestone development teams. This feedback contributes to further enhance the VMS and MSP integrations.

“We are really excited to put even more focus on our open platform development partners, as we transition our product development to a partner and market-driven process,” says Bjørn Eilertsen, Vice President of Corporate Products at Milestone Systems.

Milestone Maximizing VMS Business Value

In continuation of Milestone’s ongoing commitment to maximize the business value of video management systems for partners and customers, the theme of XProtect 2016 is ‘In control like never before’. This highlights the partner and end user focus in this release.

The user benefits:

  • Improved System Performance –Hardware decoding with XProtect 2016 enables use of the latest 4K/UHD camera technology and improves video rendering performance dramatically. An extended system monitor gives real-time overview of system status to enable proactive service. New functions let users move devices between servers for seamless system expansions.
  • “We are really excited to put
    even more focus on our open
    platform development partners,
    as we transition our product
    development to a partner and
    market-driven process”

    Optimized Incident Handling –Rich Smart Wall content from alarms, images, bookmarks, maps and more improve incident response time and operational focus.  XProtect 2016 is introducing Push Notification that notifies a remote user of an alarm (including instructions and video). Video can also be pushed from the mobile device’s own camera to XProtect, to share and document incidents wherever they are.
  • Video Enablement - Milestone XProtect LPR and XProtect Access (formerly called XProtect Access Control Module) have been further improved. XProtect Transact 2016 for retail solutions has been further integrated with the XProtect Smart Client to make investigation of incidents more efficient.       

For partners:                

  • Improved deployment and customer operations - License handling has been simplified to facilitate faster installation and easier updates. Off-line systems now have far more elasticity in licensing without needing to be online. Smart Connect makes it easy to set up mobile users. The Customer Dashboard online remote system monitoring enables proactive service by Milestone partners to ensure optimum operations, and this has been extended in XProtect 2016 with the ability to document maintenance history and system performance.

Open Platform Architecture For Expanding Systems

Because the Milestone VMS is based on open platform architecture with a focus on distributed systems, the capacity of a Milestone-based video system can be extended to cover thousands of cameras. Milestone Interconnect enables XProtect systems and Milestone Husky network video recorders be networked to form robust and reliable infrastructures. The user is able to start with a small stand-alone system and expand capacities as needed, seamlessly.

“The numerous enhancements to XProtect 2016 let users harvest all the benefits of an easy-to-use, efficient video system that is able to upgrade for any future needs,” says Janne Jacobsen, Vice President of Professional Products at Milestone Systems.

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Technical Specification

Make Milestone
Manufacturer Milestone Systems
Model code Xprotect Enterprise 2016
Software Type Management Software
Additional info Milestone XProtect Enterprise is ideal for large-scale and multi-site areas that need video surveillance, like harbors and train stations. XProtect Enterprise is easy-to-use, yet advanced open platform IP video management software (VMS) for medium and large multi-site installations. It has comprehensive features that help operators view multi-site locations with an unlimited number of cameras and react quickly to incidents and efficiently export video.
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