Milestone Aggregates Video Analytics Tools Under A Single User Interface With XProtect Analytics Framework

Product Profile

Milestone Systems, a leader in true open platform IP video management software, offers an analytics operating framework that is unique in the industry: XProtect™ Analytics 2.0. XProtect Analytics seamlessly integrates video analytics tools from different manufacturers under a single, easy-to-manage interface. This gives a powerful, future-proof framework for implementing and managing different video analytics applications that addresses some of the key industry issues such as the end user's need to easily correlate alerts between various analytics tools. Using the Milestone correlation tools, they can rapidly search across alerts and events to easily find relevant video evidence about security incidents from multiple sources.

A combination of advanced analytic tools and optimized IP-based video technology based on the Milestone open platform, XProtect Analytics Framework enables video analytics at the edge (on camera) and at the server, minimizing processing power and adding value to archived video. With XProtect Analytics users can correlate events from generic tools such as license plate recognition, facial recognition and traditional real-time access control with alerts from video content analysis tools, such as object detection, etc. Users can build strong, accurate evidence by cross-matching events in real-time and from archived video.

Integrating video analytics with open platform video management systems gives a flexible choice of hardware and software that greatly expands the potential for video analytics and increases the value of archived video. A true open platform solution, such as the Milestone Video Analytics 2.0 Framework, simplifies system operation by integrating a wide variety of video analytics products under one easy-to-manage user interface. This gives a powerful surveillance solution with a flexible IP video management system and a central console for operating, collecting and correlating events from multiple sources.

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Technical Specification

Make Milestone
Manufacturer Milestone Systems
Model code XProtect Analytics Framework
Software Type Surveillance Software
Additional info Integrates video analytics tools from different manufacturers under a single interface.  Alert and event search.  Video analytics both at the edge (on camera) and at the server.  License plate recognition, facial recognition and real-time access control with alerts from video content analysis tools (e.g. object detection, tripwires, movement direction).
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